Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


49, avenue Maréchal Bugeaud

19100 Brive la gaillarde


RCS BRIVE 43252996400046

TVA INTRA FR49432529964

Phone number : 05 55 87 30 88

Fax : 0955550773

Email : pgirard@ok-patinage.com

Sales Manager : Pascal GIRARD

Site hebergé chez AMEN SAS - PARIS 


Price lists(Rates)
The prices(prizes) presented on the site of OK-PATINAGE.COM get on(hear each other) TTC in Euro excluding charges of delivery, for a cash payment without discount and for a delivery in Metropolitan France, in the Dom or in another country of the European Union.
Fixed participation of 8,50 Euro T.T.C for metropolitan France, 12,50 Euro T.T.C (sending of material(equipment) except(off) template(size): butts(sticks) / sleeves / bags with castors / purposes of baby hockey / Stiga hockey / - sending of butt / sleeve without material(equipment)) for metropolitan France, 22 Euro H.T. for the Dom, 18,00 Euro H.T. for the other countries of the European Union (Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands) 18,00 Euro H.T for Switzerland.


The commands(orders) passed by internet, telephone, fax or mail.
For the commands(orders) taken place by internet, the customer validates his order when he clicks the button "continuation"("suite") having selected a type(chap) of regulation(payment); he(it) accepts then the process of command(order) and the present terms of sale. The customer receives then an automatic email of confirmation of command(order) (this confirmation resumes(takes back) in particular all the elements of the command(order))

The customer has a deadline(extension) of 7 days as from the delivery to turn(return) the product (the expenses of return being at his/her expense(under his/her responsibility)). He(it) is then paid off (excluding charges of port(bearing)) the price(prize) of the product in the month of reception of this one by the company OK PATINAGE. However, the incomplete, damaged turned(returned) products or made dirty will not be resumed(taken back). No sending in cash on delivery will be accepted whatever is the motive.

For the available products in stock, we deliver for an average deadline(extension) from 2 to 6 days ouvrables* throughout France metropolitan and of 10 days ouvrables* on the other countries of the European Union. In case of unavailability of the product in our premises(places), the delivery deadline will be from 8 to 15 jours*. (*: as from the command(order) in case of credit card payment, or as from the reception of the payment by the company OK PATINAGE in case of payment by check. These deadlines(extensions) are indicated for information purposes. The OK PATINAGE company cannot be held responsible for an overtaking of these indicative deadlines(extensions) given onto the Site or during the confirmation of the command(order).).